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Ellen Mattleman Kaplan

Vice President and Policy Director

Ellen arrived at the Committee of Seventy in April, 2005, to work with its new President and CEO Zack Stalberg to reenergize the over 100-year old non-partisan organization. She even said she would start by helping build Seventy’s fundraising operation, one of her least favorite chores, just to get her foot in the door.

Ellen’s passion for Seventy’s mission – fighting for the education of citizens, efficient and effective government, fair and well-run elections and integrity in government – started when she was born into a non-stop-talking family of Philadelphia political junkies. Decades later, nothing has changed. Fortunately, her husband, Steve, and two children, Emily and Alex, are equally smitten with discussing the intricacies of legal, political and governmental issues.

After Seventy realized that fundraising was best left to others, Ellen moved over to head up the policy agenda. She is especially proud of Seventy’s emergence as a group willing to speak up  when other organizations either can’t or won’t on issues as diverse as:

•    Making Government More Efficient: Two documents – “Tackling True Reform” and “The Budget Address We Need to Hear” – talked about what government should be doing to build a better future for Philadelphia.
•   Shaping Law: Seventy has been the most vigorous defender of the city’s campaign finance law that has help cripple “pay-to-play” in Philadelphia. We have helped spearhead ethics reforms to make government cleaner.
•   Demystifying Complex Issues: Seventy’s “How Philly Works" series makes sense out of complex city issues, ranging from the city’s pension crisis to the Delaware River Port Authority to infighting in the local GOP.
•   Searching for Solutions: Our “Roadmap to Reform” recommends common sense and achievable solutions to city issues – including eliminating four archaic row offices (the Clerk of Quarter Sessions has already been abolished) and enacting strong ethics measures across government.
•   Spurring Action: The Committee of Seventy is leading the fight to kill the controversial DROP retirement program for city workers.
•   Helping Voters: Once known only for its Voter Protection Program on Election Day, Seventy now has a round-year program to help improve the voting experience in Philadelphia. We have urged replacing elected City Commissioners, who are ward leaders, with a professional elections board that provides better customer service to city voters.

Ellen’s road to Seventy has included many stops along the way.

After graduating from Princeton University in 1975 with a B.A. in History and a Certificate in Russian Area Studies (no – I don’t remember how to speak Russian anymore), she worked in San Francisco for a year as a paralegal. It didn’t turn her off to the law, so she came back to Philadelphia to attend Temple Law School. After earning her J.D. in 1979, Ellen clerked for the Honorable James R. Cavanaugh on the Superior Court of Pennsylvania was a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney during Ed Rendell’s first term as DA.

A planned short maternity leave stretched into ten years at home raising her kids – and taking on free-lance writing assignments. Ellen then became the Associate Director for Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts (PMC), a statewide not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that engages in education, research, advocacy and analysis of issues related to the improvement of Pennsylvania’s judicial system (including the elusive merit appointment system for appellate judges).

In 1999, Ellen was the Issues Director for Sam Katz’s 1999 mayoral campaign – referred to by her kids as “the time Mom was never home.” It was a great way to learn a little bit about many, many challenges facing Philadelphia. Over ten years later, many of the same problems are still around.

Ellen then became the Managing Director of Public Policy and Communications at Greater Philadelphia First (GPF), a regional business and civic leadership organization comprised of 50 CEOs of the region’s largest employers. Highlights included developing and implementing state and local policy initiatives and directing the office’s communications efforts. She spearheaded the participation of GPF companies in the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, wrote the report of the Task Force on Schools-Business Partnerships for the Philadelphia School Reform Commission and co-directed Liberty Medal 2002 honoring then-U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. Ellen was Acting Chief Executive Officer during GPF’s merger with the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

Then the Committee of Seventy job came along – a decision she only regrets when she’s still at work at 10 p.m.

Ellen can be reached for anyone who wants to talk about what Seventy does.


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Loretta Depka

Vice President for Development and Operations

My first fight for good government began in high school—working to reinstate a school board member forced to resign for some inane reason. We lost, but I learned a valuable lesson--to effect change you had to take an active role.  Government of a school, town, city, state, nation effects everything we do—jobs, taxes, housing, etc.

Some thirty years later, having worked for nonprofits from healthcare systems to museums, I find the Committee of Seventy’s fight for good government an invigorating opportunity.  Not being able to bankroll the fight personally, I enjoy fundraising for the cause--matching donor interests with Seventy’s programming is what “effecting change” is all about.

Highlights of my path to the Committee of Seventy in January 2009 include most recently serving as a Senior Consultant for Schultz & Williams, and other posts such as Vice President of Development for Presbyterian Medical Center, Executive Director of Cooper Medical Center Foundation, and as a former Board President of Contact Community Services.  


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BethVogel2.JPG BEth Vogel

Development Manager

I am a die hard Philadelphian - born and raised here. I couldn’t think of a better way (okay, maybe a few ideas) to spend my days rather than fighting the good fight making Philadelphia and the region a better place to live, work and raise my two young sons.

My husband Johnny and I consider ourselves great Philadelphia ambassadors (sometimes being referred to as the “Mayor’s of Mt. Airy”), having successfully recruited many of our friends to move to the area. So far, nobody has regretted their decision! 

I started working at the Committee of Seventy in the Spring of 2013 and am thrilled to have an opportunity to work hard for a city I care deeply about and in which I have a vested interest.

I have over 18 years (I started working when I was 10!) of development, marketing and communications experience working and consulting for organizations including Congreso de Latinos Unidos, the AIDS Fund, Philadelphia Department of Human Services and most recently the National Adoption Center.

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Dan BrighT

Business Manager

I joined Seventy, after graduating from Temple University, in 2008.  I have learned over the years that for government to work effectively and efficiently, you need to have an organization that is fighting for the betterment of the City.  Seventy's continued fight to right-size city government, ensure that elections are conducted fairly and informing and engaging Philadelphia's citizenry will make this city a place where people will want to live, work and visit.  I enjoy being part of that fight each and every day.


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P.Christmas.JPGPatrick Christmas

Senior Policy Analyst

Patrick jumped straight into a science classroom at Fels High School in Northeast Philadelphia
after graduating from Swarthmore College in 2008. After five incredible years and having begun 
studies at the University of Pennsylvania's Fels Institute of Government, he joined the Committee
of Seventy in August 2013 – in part, because he believes strongly in Seventy’s non-partisan
mission; also, because he was seeking the "Fels Trifecta" (Samuel S. Fels was on Seventy's
original 1904 Executive Board). In addition to policy work, he’s responsible for administering
Seventy’s century-old Election Protection Program.


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Paul Droesch

Research Volunteer

After 36 years as a writer, editor and critic at TV Guide, where I covered politics (to the extent that TV Guide covers politics), I retired in 2012 and almost immediately began volunteering at Seventy, where politics is a considerably bigger part of the mix. I wanted to be part of this organization because I’m fascinated by public policy and the political process, because I love Philadelphia and want to see it thrive, and because I know that sound policy and clean politics will go a long way toward making that happen.



Megan Harris, Communications/Marketing

Education: Albright College 2013, B.A. Digital Media and Communications

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ


Front Desk: 215-557-3600

Carolyn Fante, Communications

Education: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, May 2015

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in History, Minors in Political Science and Hispanic Studies


Front Desk: 215-557-3600

Claire Shimberg, Communications

Education: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA May 2014

Candidate for Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, Minor in Hispanic Studies


Front Desk: 215-557-3600

Jennifer Wang, Communications

Education: Beijing Foreign Studies University, School of International Relations and Diplomacy

Bachelor in Laws, Bachelor in Arts (Dual) in English Literature


Front Desk: 215-557-3600

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