City Commissioners' Meeting Notes

No Response to Reports

Today, the City Commissioners again refused to respond to criticism of their office. This time the criticism came from a  to-be-released PICA report that said the office spends over $9.00 per voter, well beyond what any other county in the state pays. (See Inquirer article.)  When asked by the Committee of Seventy if the Commissioners had a response to this or Seventy's Needless Jobs Report, Commissioner Tartaglione responded that, "we won't do your homework for you" and "we'll respond when we're good and ready." When the officials are "good and ready" has yet to be determined. (See Heard In The Hall for more.)

Managing Director: Pay For Your Own Training

The City's Managing Director's office told the Commissioners that they would no longer pay for training of the bi-lingual translators used on Election day. Bob Lee, the City's Voter Registration Administrator, said he's taking steps to bring the training in-house by using bi-lingual employees, but is still exploring the Commissioners' options. The city is currently paying about $4,000 to train and test the Election Day interpreters.

About Seventy

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Zack Stalberg
President & CEO

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