Judicial Retention Questions

The Job

Retention elections are non-partisan, uncontested yes-no votes in which voters get to decide if a sitting judge should be allowed to serve another term. This differs from an election to fill a judicial vacancy where candidates run in partisan elections (i.e. under a party label.) Following completion of an initial term, a judge can stand for successive ten-year terms in retention elections until he or she reaches age 70, the mandatory retirement age.

Voters will vote YES or NO on each of these candidates:

Superior Court:

Kate Ford Elliott   

Commonwealth Court:

Dan Pelligrini    

Court of Common Pleas Philadelphia and Regional County Districts

Name                                 District     County

Sandy L.V. Byrd                 1st         Philadelphia
Ida Chen                              1st         Philadelphia
Pamela Pryor Dembe           1st         Philadelphia
Richard J. Gordon               1st         Philadelphia
Glynnis Delbert Hill              1st         Philadelphia
Benjamin Lerner                  1st         Philadelphia
Annette M. Rizzo                 1st         Philadelphia
Karen Shreeves-Johns       1st         Philadelphia
Sheila A. Woods-Skipper    1st         Philadelphia

Rea B. Boylan                     7th          Bucks
Allen M.  Rubenstein           7th          Bucks
Susan Devlin Scott              7th         Bucks

William P. Mahon                 15th        Chester
Robert J.  Shenkin              15th        Chester

Charles B.  Burr II               32nd        Delaware

Bernard A. Moore               38th        Montgomery
Stephen Barrett                  38th        Montgomery

Philadelphia Municipal Court

Frank T. Brady   
Barbara S. Gilbert  
Lydia Y. Kirkland  
Gerard A. Kosinski  
Marsha H. Neifield  
Craig M.  Washington  

Philadelphia Traffic Court

Bernice Ann DeAngelis  
Earlene Green 


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