Mayor of Philadelphia, 2011 General Election

Responsibility of the Office:

The mayor of Philadelphia is the city’s chief executive officer.  Originally an appointed position, Philadelphia has had a mayor since 1701. In 1951, the city’s voters approved an amendment to the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter—the city’s governing document—that created a “strong mayor” form of government.  This structure gives the mayor significant control over how the city operates on a daily basis, including the delivery of essential services.

The mayor directs two of the most important processes in the city: approving bills to become ordinances and drafting the annual city budget. The mayor must sign or veto all legislation passed by City Council before it becomes a city law. The mayor is also the first person to draft the city budget each year. In drafting the budget, the mayor establishes the funding priorities of the city and, based on the expected revenue during the upcoming fiscal year, sets a cap on what the city may spend.


The mayor is elected to a four-year term and may serve only two consecutive terms. Candidates must be a resident of the city for at least three years preceding an election and be at least age 25 at the time of election.


Mayor Michael A. Nutter was elected Philadelphia’s 98th Mayor in November, 2007.  He is seeking a second term this year.

Official Philadelphia Mayor Candidates for the November 8th General Election


Michael_Nutter.jpg Michael Nutter - (D)  Winner (unofficial)

Current Job:      Philadelphia Mayor since 2008
Background:      Philadelphia City Councilman, 1992-2006
                             Former Investment Manager at Pryor, Counts & Co., Inc.
Neighborhood:  Wynnefield
Ethics Agenda:  Read Mayor Nutter's responses to Seventy's Ethics Agenda
Profile:                Read Mayor Nutter's Profile

Karen_Brown.jpgKaren Brown - (R)

Current Job:      Retired school teacher
ackground:      Democratic Committeewoman, 1st Ward for 12 years
                             Founder and President, Southwark Civic Association
Neighborhood:  South Philadelphia
Ethics Agenda:  Karen Brown did not respond to Seventy's Ethics Agenda
Profile:                Karen Brown did not submit a profile


Wali_Rahman.jpgWali "DiOp" Rahman - (IND)

Current Job:      Activist and Organizer
Background:      President, International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, Philadelphia Chapter
Ethics Agenda:  Read Wali "DiOp" Rahman's responses to Seventy's Ethics Agenda 
Profile:                Wali Rahman did not submit a profile

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