Voter ID Issues: Government Employees

Specific Voter ID Issues for Government  Employees

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A. Which employees can use a photo ID from the place of their employment at the polls?

The only forms of employee photo IDs that will be accepted at the polls include those issued by (1) a federal, state, county or municipal government, (2) an accredited PA public or private institution of higher learning, and (3) a licensed PA care facility (such as a long-term care nursing facility, assisted living residence or a personal care home).

B. What information must an employee ID contain?

To be acceptable for voting, an employee ID must include: (1) the employee’s/voter’s name, (2) a photograph of the employee/voter, (3) the name of the place the employee works, and (4) an expiration date that is current (in other words, the ID cannot have expired on the date the voter is casting his/her vote).

C. What if the employee photo ID does not have an expiration date?

To be accepted at the polls, the photo ID must include a valid expiration date. Employers whose employees are eligible to use an employee photo ID at the polls (see Question A. above) canput a sticker on their photo ID that has an expiration date that is current.

D. Can PA counties or municipalities issue photo IDs to residents?

No, Pennsylvania counties or municipalities can only issue photo IDs to employees, not to residents of the county or municipality.

E. Will other non-employee photo IDs issued by PA counties or municipalities be accepted at the polls?

Other types of non-employee photo IDs that may be issued by Pennsylvania counties or municipalities – for example, a license to carry firearms – will not be accepted at the polls.

Download handbook as PDF

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