How to Run for Elected Office

Our goal with these guides is to open up the political system by encouraging a diverse group of qualified candidates, like you, to consider public service.

Many people think that in order to be a public official you have to have an Ivy League education, a background in politics, and/or have family ties to the current political system. That's just not so. If you wish to participate in the political system, desire good government, and do not feel that you are adequately represented by your elected officials, run for office!

How to Run for Political Office:

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How to Run for Committee Person:

Members of the Ward Executive Committee, better known as committee people, are party positions that were elected in the May 2010 Primary Election. A committee person is his or her political party’s representative in each division. Committee people serve as a point of contact between the voters in a division and elected officials and their political party. Committee people are considered party officers – not public officials or government employees. Click here to learn more about How to Run for Committee Person.

How to Run for Election Officer:

In Pennsylvania, three of the five people who run each polling place on Election Day are elected officials themselves. The purpose of this manual is to show you how to become a Judge of Election, Majority Inspector or Minority Inspector at your local polling place. These positions were on the ballot in 2013 and will be again in 2017. Click to download How To Run for Election Officer (PDF).

Campaign resources:

DAL Services, Inc. provides a free tool, the Pennsylvania Political Campaign Management Database (PPCM) that can help candidates stay organized and efficient while running their campaigns. The tool is free for anyone to use and DAL Services will provide free technical assistance and support for any candidate using the program. (Please note that DAL Services charges for some campaign related services.)

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