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Committee of Seventy is launching a new ELECTION AMBASSADOR CORPS comprised of Philadelphia high school students, trained by Seventy, to help ensure a smooth experience for voters on Election Day. In this pilot program, some 200-250 students will assist voters with basic election questions outside polling places in their neighborhoods and report problems they encounter to the 1-855-SEVENTY Hotline. The initiative will also feature a follow-up Election Innovation Challenge, in which participating students will submit their ideas for improving the voting experience for Philadelphians or increasing voter turnout. All submissions will receive feedback from Committee of Seventy staff, with winning proposals featured on seventy.org.

May 2015 Election Innovation Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Lauren Thomas of Science Leadership Academy for her submission to the Election Innovation Challenge! She was one of 200 Election Ambassadors from city high schools who visited polling places during the May 19 primary election, helping voters and learning about the voting process.

Challenge participants were tasked with developing proposals to improve the election process in Philadelphia. This could include ideas to increase voter turnout, improve information accessibility to the general population, simplify the voting process or improve the voting experience for Philadelphians. Winning proposals were selected based on their potential impact, creativity and innovation, and viable application. Lauren's first place proposal outlines a plan to produce nonpartisan GOTV commercials that could air on TV or be shared via online media.

Honorable mention selections included Anna Sugrue’s proposal to boost millennial voter turnout, and a submission by Caitlin Keough and Olivia Mack that listed eight reforms to make voting easier.

Thank you May 2015 Election Ambassador Corps for a stellar job this spring!

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Hotline volunteers work in Seventy's office on Election Day, answering calls to the 1-855-SEVENTY Hotline from student volunteers, poll officials and voters, helping them find their polling places, check their registration and offering basic assistance with Election Day procedures. Reports of election law infractions or other serious issues are directed to the County Board of Elections and the District Attorney’s Office.

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For the 2015 elections in Philadelphia, Seventy is offering basic training in voting procedures and Election Day rules for individuals interested in visting polling places in their home neighborhoods. All trainings are open to the public! Registration is closed until Fall 2015. Thanks to the folks joining us for the May 19 primary!

For more information, contact Patrick Christmas at pchristmas@seventy.org or 215-557-3600, ext. 114.