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Volunteers can serve different roles:

Field Teams work in groups of two or three to monitor polls in a specific ward, checking for inappropriate behavior and answering voters’ questions. They report incidents and ongoing problems back to the Committee of Seventy.

Roving Teams also work in groups of two or three but are assigned specific districts (each includes 5 to 10 wards). They respond to incidents and problems reported to Seventy by field teams or  others calling the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline. We encourage returning volunteers (especially those with cars!) to consider serving on a roving team.

Hotline volunteers work in Seventy's office on Election Day, answering calls from voters, poll officials and Seventy Volunteers. Hotline volunteers staff the 1-866-OUR-VOTE Election Protection Hotline and help voters find their polling places, give basic assistance with Election Day rules, direct problems to the correct authorities and document problems that will be responded to by field and roving teams.

Thank you to the volunteers who joined us on May 20!
Stay tuned for details about the November 4 Election Protection Program...

For more information, contact Patrick Christmas at pchristmas@seventy.org or 215-557-3600, ext. 114.