November 4, 2014 Election Results

Click here for city results provided by Philadelphia County Board of Elections.
Click here for statewide election results provided by the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Election Advisory

Do your homework before voting. Research the candidates (and ballot questions!). Evaluate their positions. Confirm your polling place location! See below...

  • working families flyer with incorrect poll information

If you are a voter in Philadelphia who received a postcard (see image to the left) listing your poll location, please use the tool described below or call 1-855-SEVENTY to confirm your correct polling place. Upwards of 30,000 voters may have received these postcards with erroneous locations. The November 4 General Election is behind us, but the May 19 Primary is next up. Always double check your poll location before going to vote.

Need help making sure you're ready to vote? Call us at 1-855-SEVENTY (1-855-738-3689), open weekdays from 9am to 5pm. This is a new number! Help us spread the word with this flyer.